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Jasper County Emergency Services Communication
Communication Center Manager
P.O. Box 1509
Ridgeland , SC  29936
Phone: 843-726-7519
Fax: 843-726-7966
Office Hours:

The Jasper County Communications Center is a consolidated dispatch center; providing police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch services to the citizens and visitors of Jasper County.

Jasper County Communications Center was founded to provide the vital link between the citizens of Jasper County and all emergency responders, to include police, fire fighters, and emergency medical technicians during times of emergency.  Housed in the Emergency Management Building, the center is built to operate four (4) console positions and serves as a back up center to Beaufort County Communications in times of disaster, should the need to relocate occur. 

Jasper County Communications Center is staffed by seven (7) full-time telecommunicators, four (4) full-time Telecommunications Supervisors, six (6) on-call telecommunicators, and one (1) Communications Manager.  Full time Telecommunications personnel work 12 hour permanent shifts from either 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.  On call telecommunicators work a minimum of 24 hours per month in order to maintain their skills and proficiency. 

As a 9-1-1 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), the Jasper County Communications Center is required to:

  • Provide an enhanced 9-1-1 center; providing ANI (Automatic Number Identier) and ALI (Automatic Location Identifier) features.
  • Provide a sufficient number of 9-1-1 lines to reduce the possibility of busy signals.
  • Provide an electronic recording system that records all in-coming and out-going 9-1-1 calls, as well as radio transmissions from the dispatch channels.
  • Provide immediate call-back options of recordings for 9-1-1 personnel to access.
  • Maintain a physically secure facility to house the 9-1-1 Center.
  • Provide the equipment necessary to communicate with the hearing/speaking impaired.
  • Employ communications personnel that have been trained and certified in the Telecommunications Specialist Course at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.
  • Employe communications personnel that are certified NCIC operators, CPR certified, and EMD certified.