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Cypress Ridge Business/Industrial Park

Please note this site is under construction...more information is coming!

Jasper County has and continues to develop the Park into a commercial, retail and light industrial park which shall promote the development of industrial and manufacturing industries, service providers and other research and commercial facilities within South Carolina.

The permitted uses are, but not limited to:

  1. Industrial or manufacturing purposes or certain incidental activities;
  2. Service businesses including retail sales or other commercial facilities;
  3. Educational or research purposes;
  4. Government or other public agencies;
  5. Business or other commercial office purposes; or
  6. Such other uses as deemed permissible by the County with the approval of the Cypress Ridge Business/Industrial Park Design and Review Committee.

The Cypress Ridge Business/Industrial Park Design and Review Committee is made up of 6 members.  The Committee intends to assure the development of the Park as a first-class commercial, retail and light industrial development. To learn more about the Park or how to purchase/lease property at the Park, please review the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the Draft Agreement to Purchase Property. If you have additional questions, please contact Andrew Fulghum, County Administrator by phone at 843-717-3691 or by mail to PO Box 1149, Ridgeland, SC 29936.