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Jasper County Human Resources Department
Gloria P. Lucas - Human Resources Director

Mailing Address: PO Box 150
Physical Address: 358 Third Avenue
Ridgeland, SC  29936
Phone: (843)717-3680 TDD (843)726-7519
Fax: (843)726-7996
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I learn about job vacancies with Jasper County?
A. Job vacancies are posted on the Jasper County Website, For those individuals who do not have internet access,
positions are posted at the Jasper County Government Building, 358 Third
Avenue, Ridgeland, S.C. 29936.

Q. Are job vacancies advertised in the newspaper?
A. Yes, positions are routinely advertised in the Jasper County Sun, Hardeeville
Times, Beaufort Gazette, and Island Packet. On occasion, job vacancies are
advertised in the Savannah Morning News and Hampton County Guardian.

Q. Are job vacancies listed in places other than the newspaper and the
Jasper County web site?
A. Yes, vacancies are posted with professional organizations,
vocational/technical schools, area colleges, professional journals, SC
Employment & Security Commission, and other similar organizations.

Q. How can I obtain an employment application?
A. Applications are available on the Jasper County web site at Applications may be downloaded and mailed to: Jasper
County Human Resources, PO Box 150, Ridgeland, SC 29936. Applications are
also available at the Jasper County Government Building, Human Resources
Department, 358 Third Avenue, Ridgeland, S.C. 29936. Finally, applications may
be mailed to your home by calling (843) 717-3680.

Q. If I have a resume, is it still necessary to complete an application?
A. Yes, fully completed applications are required for all job vacancies. The
application requests information that is not traditionally included on a resume.
This information assists staffing specialists in learning more about the experience
and qualifications of the applicant. Resumes are welcomed however. they may
not be substituted for the application form.

Q. May I apply for more than one position using the same application?
A. Yes, you may apply for two positions using one application. The job title for
each position being applied for should be listed on the front page of the
application under the "Position(s) applied for" category. If applying for more than
two positions please use an additional application.

Q. How long will my application be kept in an active status.
A. Applications will be maintained on file for active consideration for a period of 6
months. After 6 months, the applicant will need to renew/update their
employment application.

Q. What benefits does Jasper County offer to its employees?
A. Jasper County offers its employees a variety of benefits some of which
include: paid holidays, retirement, and health insurance.

Q. Does Jasper County have a Summer Internship Program?
A. Yes, Jasper County does offer an Unpaid Summer Internship Program for
college students interested in gaining college credit for meaningful work
experience. Opportunities are available in all departments including Finance,
Administration, Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Development Services,
Planning, and Public Relations.