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Jasper County Register of Deeds
Patsye M. Greene - Registrar
PO Box 836
358 Third Avenue
Ridgeland, SC  29936
Phone: 843-717-3615

Fax: 843-717-3617
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

        An Equal Opportunity Employer
      Special Accommodations Available Upon Request to Individuals With Disabilities

TO ACCESS INTERNET SEARCH, SEE LINK BELOW "REGISTER OF DEEDS ONLINE SERVICE" Search Instructions - Login as guest; accept disclaimer; Search Public Records; (Call for assistance if needed)

If you experience an issue with JAVA block while on this site, please contact Property Info at 1-888-608-1808

Overview of online service

Jasper County online services is a continuing work in progress. While it is our intention to provide a complete online research resource at a future date, we cannot say that we have presently achieved that level of service. Document recording is more or less complete from April 2007 to the current time. However, from time to time we discover documents which for whatever reason, are not in this system and they are added as they are discovered. Some, but not all documents recorded prior to April 2007 are online. For a variety of technical reasons, blocks of records were illegible and are not included; also, because some of these records are quite old and the inks have faded, they may not in every case, be as legible online as they are on the paper original. We have an online index; however, the laborious job of checking the index against online documents is far from complete and is one of several projects which we are continuing to pursue as time is available. Also, this index contains errors which are corrected as they are discovered or brought to our attention. In short, while this online service is certainly adequate for citizens to use as a resource to locate recorded historical instruments, we do not view it as reliable for title examinations to the exclusion of consulting the paper record. It is the intention of the Jasper county ROD to eventually provide complete, accurate online documents and indices from 1912 to the current date, as funding is made available