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Jasper County Emergency Services Billing
Georgia Deloach - Billing Office Manager
PO Box 1509
1509 Grays Hwy
Ridgeland, SC  29936
Phone: 843-726-7816
Fax: 843-726-7966
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we pay by credit card?

A.  Yes, click Online EMS Bill Pay link to reach the log in page to pay your bill online

Q. Will you bill my insurance for me?

A.  Yes, we bill all types of insurance. You may call us, e-mail or fax us with this information. We will need the insurance company name, address, phone#, policy #, and group # if available.

Q.  Will you accept monthly payments if I cannot pay in full?

A. Yes, we allow time payments and will be happy to work with you
in making monthly payment arrangements.

Q.  Why am I being billed?

A.  If you have insurance, we are not in possession of the information. If your insurance has paid, this is your balance. If we responded to your 911 call but did not transport you, this is a response fee.

Q. Why didn't my insurance pay more?

A. Please correspond with your insurance company for this information.

Q.  How do I get a copy of my bill and medical record?

A.  You may stop by the billing office with proof of identity. Only the patient may obtain a copy of his/ her records, or in case of a minor, the parent may receive this information.
You may have your attorney send the necessary request and it will be mailed to him. We do not fax medical records.
In the case of a deceased person, his or her personal representative appointed by the probate judge may obtain this information.

Q.  What if my account is in litigation?

A. You are responsible for advising us that this account is being handled by your attorney and giving us his name, address and telephone number. You must also sign a medical lein which states your attorney may withhold our payment from your proceeds at the time of settlement. This will prevent collection action being taken against you.